Little Vesuvius: Four Ways to Deal with Your Baby’s Gas

In one study, 80% of parents felt their infant was gassier than normal. Obviously they can’t all be right, but if your little one is fussy, it can seem he has the worst case of gas in the history of baby-kind.

Some tips…

All babies have gas. Their little digestive tracts are just getting the hang of this eating thing. Time often resolves the issue, so hang in there and don’t panic.

Try infant gas drops with simethicone (like Mylicon). This helps baby pass the bubbles. Try before and / or after feedings. Either is fine and one might work better than another for you.

Lay baby on your lap and rub his tummy clockwise and bicycle his legs. Gently rolls his legs and hips up a few times.  This may bring out the poots.  This is good – poots are always better out than in.

Use the superman hold.  Lay baby along your forearm on his tummy.  His arms and legs will hang over each side of your arm like a cheetah on a tree branch.  Pull him close to you so that his back is against your tummy and wrap your other arm around so that baby is secure against you.  Try left or right sidelying and also try standing and swaying in this position.  The steady pressure of your arm against his tummy can help push gas out.

Try burping baby when switching breasts or after every ounce in the bottle and holding him upright after feedings.

Hang in there – and remember that when the gas does come out, it’s normal for babies to sound like truckers. They’ll grow out of the sonic boom. Most of them.

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