Enhanced Newborn Screening

Standard Newborn Screening

All newborns are screened for inherited disorders with a simple blood test in their first week of life. The state of Georgia requires that all infants receive this screening, and most children born in the hospital will receive the test prior to discharge. For children born outside of the hospital, the screening is done by the child’s physician. If needed, our doctors can perform this test in the office with a simple prick to the newborn’s heal.

One in 1,500 babies is affected by an inherited disorder that can be detected through newborn screening. These include hormonal disorders like thyroid and adrenal abnormalities, blood disorders like sickle-cell anemia, severe immunodeficiencies, and dozens of enzyme disorders that result in a wide range of serious and sometimes fatal conditions. While these disorders are rare, when detected and treated early on, the results can be lifesaving.

Enhanced Newborn Screening

Currently, the State of Georgia tests for only 28 inherited disorders. The American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) recommends screening newborns for 54 disorders. The March of Dimes along with the Department of Health and Human Services recommends a minimum of 31 core disorders be tested and 26 secondary conditions.

Enhanced Newborn Screening allows your pediatrician to test for disorders that are not detected by the standard Georgia Newborn Screening.

Kennesaw Pediatrics uses the StepOne newborn screening kit from the state-of-the-art PerkinElmer Genetics Laboratory.  This test screens for over 50 genetic disorders.   Just like the standard screening, this test only requires a heel prick done by your physician’s office.

If you are interested in enhanced newborn screening, please make an appointment to discuss it with your pediatrician today.