Policies and Procedures


Prescription refill requests may be made 24 hours a day via the Patient Portal or anytime during business hours, Monday through Friday. Whenever possible, please request refills online or when you are in the office. Please allow 48 hours for prescription refills.

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Please note that antibiotics or medicines used previously for a specific diagnosis are never prescribed blindly over the phone. Your child deserves and needs appropriate medical evaluation of every episode to determine its diagnosis and appropriate treatment. While knowledge of previous episodes and treatments are helpful, there is no substitute for a visit with your pediatrician. When your child is ill,  please schedule an appointment right away. We are available seven days a week for your convenience. Requesting a refill inappropriately will only delay your child’s care. Call the office and speak with our triage nurse if you are unsure if your child needs to be seen.


Patients seeing a specialist often are required by their insurance company to have a referral prior to the appointment with the specialist. Please check with your insurance company to determine if your specific policy requires referrals. We are happy to assist you with a referral.  Please contact our office 5 business days prior to the scheduled appointment. You can call the office or login to the Patient Portal and fill out the “Request a Referral” form 24 hours a day. It is your responsibility to ensure you follow all requirements of your insurance.

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Immunization Records (3231) are provided at each well check, free of charge.  Replacement 3231 forms,  or other forms that are dropped off for completion at a time other than an exam, are $10 per form.   Because of the substantial time involved in completion, initial Katie Beckett applications are $75.

Form 3231 is not just a list of immunizations, but certification that a child is fully up to date on vaccines.  If a child is not up to date, we cannot legally issue a Form 3231, but will provide a list of all immunizations the child has received.  This immunization list can also be printed through the patient portal free of charge at any time.

Immunization Forms take 2-3 days for completion.  Katie Beckett Forms and Family Medical Leave Act forms take 7 – 14 business days for completion.

Unless otherwise authorized, completed forms must be picked up by the parent or guardian(s) listed on the patient’s records.  For forms to be sent directly to another person or organization, the parent or guardian must complete the Medical Records Release FROM KP 2018.

No-shows and Cancellations

There is a $35 fee for no-shows or cancelled / rescheduled appointments with less than 24 hours notice.