Classes & Support Groups

We’re here to help you feel prepared before the baby comes and to provide the information and reassurance you need afterwards.

Due to the public health crisis, all classes, groups, and tours are currently cancelled. Please check back at a future date.

Kennesaw Pediatrics partners with WombWise Childbirth Education to provide a comprehensive, on-site 10 week series.  Classes are offered both weekends and weeknights and are well-suited for anyone planning a hospital, home, or birth center birth.Taught by experienced doula and childbirth educator Annette Culp, the series covers much more than labor preparation and relaxation techniques. It is about connecting with your body’s natural ability to birth your child. During this experience, you will unlearn all the misconceptions and fears about birth as a medical event rather than a natural process.During the 10 sessions, this class includes everything from nutrition and exercise to relaxation, pain control, birthing options and much, much more.


As you begin your journey into parenthood, you may have many questions. We are here to help!  Baby Basics Saturday is for families who are expecting a baby or have a baby up to 8 weeks old. Team taught by an experienced pediatric nurse and a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Baby Basics covers all aspects of caring for a new baby in a relaxed, comfortable environment. Through engaging videos and hands on activities you’ll learn what to expect the first week, feeding (all methods), stooling, burping, sleeping, crying, diapering, safety and, last but not least, taking care of yourself. Small class size allows plenty of time for individual questions. Great for all expectant families, we encourage you to bring any support person you’d like. Grandparents, dads, moms, etc. are all welcome. FREE and open to all families. (This class combines what was formerly Baby 101 and Breastfeeding 101.  The combined class offers all the same great information and activities, but in a shorter and easier to understand format.)


There’s nothing like getting support and information from other moms as well as lactation consultants.  And sometimes a little hands on help is worth more than hours on the phone.  KP’s Breastfeeding Moms Group is a time to meet with other moms and the lactation consultant, ask questions, share joys and challenges, hear other’s solutions and experiences and offer your own to other moms if you’d like.  Designed with your busy schedule in mind, the group is held one Saturday morning each month and is one hour long – you can stay the whole hour or drop in at any time.   You may also weigh your baby if you’d like – even before and after a feeding is you’d like to see how much he ate!  Facilitated by one of our Board Certified Lactation Consultants, this group is free and open to any mom, pregnant or breastfeeding. The group meets in the Well Waiting Room of the Main Office. Breastfeeding babies are also welcome, of course!

Please note:  

Baby Basics and the Breastfeeding Moms Group are not the same. Baby Basics is a one time prenatal class for expectant families. Dads are welcomed at the class. The Moms Group is a support and discussion group for both pregnant and nursing moms. Women and babies only at the Group. If you’re expecting, you may want to attend Baby Basics and begin attending the Moms Group.