Sleep Deprivation: A Survival Guide to the First Weeks

When. Will. This. Baby. Sleep. In the first few weeks, baby can seem to have days and nights mixed up and want to feed or play all night. This is not at all uncommon. Our daily rhythms are in many ways controlled by our biological response to daylight. And Baby comes from a place of […]

A Salute to Our KP Nurses

In the midst of all the talk around nurses these days, I wanted to take a minute to talk about our KP nurses specifically. And by “nurses” I also mean our medical assistants who, at KP, do many of the same jobs. First thing every morning, I watch the nurses bring their coffee and breakfast into the […]

When Everyone Tells you Something Different…

“Everyone tells me something different.” It’s the number one struggle we hear from new parents. When it comes to parenting questions such as diapering, feeding, sleeping and even choosing a baby swing, everybody’s got an opinion. Every sister, neighbor and online forum offers you a new idea, often with the conviction that this is The […]


Welcome to the Kennesaw Pediatrics Newborn Center blog. Here we hope to inform, inspire, and maybe even entertain you as you journey through pregnancy and the first year of your child’s life. From the moment you feel the first kick, to the first long stare into those amazing newborn eyes, to the first wobbly steps, […]