Five Ways to Keep the Big One Busy When the Little One is in Your Arms

Oh, have we been there… have your hands completely full with the new baby – it’s either a blowout of a diaper or you’ve finally gotten him to latch- when the toddler, sensing you’re trapped, decides NOW is the time to empty a bag of sugar on the floor. Or flush something that’s important and not waterproof. Or figure out the “childproof” door knobs.

Well here are a few tips to keep the Big One from totally running amok while you manage the Little One.

1. Have a special box of toys that only comes out when baby feeds or needs a bath or a diaper change. But be strict with this or it will lose its magic.

2. Invest in a bubble gun – one of those battery powered hand held bubble blower contraptions. Blow bubbles at number one to catch while number two (or three or whatever) feeds.  Wrap a rubber band around the trigger and prop it up somewhere high and you have both hands free for a diaper change.

3. Also for feeding times….Learn to read upside down. Prop the kid book next to you, then you read and prompt the little audience member when to turn pages. They probably won’t follow directions exactly, so be willing to skip around. The story won’t exactly be linear but the point is that they’re entertained.

4. Set up your feeding / nursing nest with your phone, the remote, water and snacks. This is your command center and you’ll be better able to cope when you have all your tools within arm’s reach.

5. Learn to use an infant carrier so that if you have to chase a toddler it will be no biggie. Well, less of a biggie. Some pillows like My Breast Friend also offer a lot of support if you have to walk and nurse, but don’t rely on them to hold the baby – they’re not meant for that – it’s just a little extra support to keep baby from shifting around so much if you have to get up.

It may take some trial and error to find the thing that works best with your busy big boy or girl, but soon you’ll have it all figured out and managing it all like the pro!


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