5 Tips for Choosing the Best Hands Free Pumping Bra

So what’s up with these hands free bras? Generally hands free bras are awesome, letting you have both hands available to hold your phone, have a snack or massage those lumps and plugged ducts (a method shown to get more milk!) Let us cut through the advertisements and promises on packages and give you the real deal..

1. The more structured bras are better for almost all moms. Smaller breasted women can more easily get away with the ones made of thinner materials, but even then more structure may be better.  Structured bras hold the pump flanges onto the breast better, improving the seal and suction.  They also tend to last longer, as the thinner materials can stretch with use – at which point they are no longer hands free and are really just a useless saggy bra with a hole in the middle.

2. Just go ahead and roll your eyes at the women in advertisements. Please ignore the fact that all these ads have women in perfect houses working intently at their laptops while probably brokering high powered financial deals. Whatever. You can totally use this to just save wrist strain while you catch up on Orange is the New Black.

3. If you pump very large quantities of milk (more than 4 oz. per breast per sitting) be careful not to let the bottles get so heavy that they slip down on the nipple. This pinches. Ouch.

4. For most models, you don’t wear these all the time under your clothes. While a couple of brands are nursing bras that convert to pumping bras, most are only worn when pumping. So they don’t have to be any particular color to blend with your skin tone under your clothes. We recommend black for everyone. The lighter colors tend to look grungy after a while even if you keep them very clean.

5. You can totally make your own by cutting a small hole in the front of a firm sports bra.  Do keep in mind you’re cutting a small hole and putting in the flange from the back before putting the bra on.  If you cut a big enough slit to slip the flange into the bra from the outside, it will just slip right back out.  We find homemade bras work in a pinch, but don’t tend  to last long term.

Look Ma no hands!!!

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