What Your Doctor Wants You to Know about COVID-19

Most of us have never faced anything like this before and it can be both scary and overwhelming.  You may be very worried or you may wonder what all the fuss is about.  Either way, we want to make sure you have good information on what is going on, what you can do to keep […]

Five Common Car Seat Mistakes We See Parents Make

There’s so much to take in when you have a new baby that it’s easy to miss a few guidelines here and there.   But with car seat safety, the rules may save your baby’s life in an accident.   So we wanted to take a minute to remind you of a few simple things that are […]

Plugged Ducts, Mastitis, and Blebs…Oh My!

How to recognize and solve these common breastfeeding challenges… Plugged duct or mastitis – what’s the difference? Generally speaking, a plugged duct is a lump of milk “stuck” in the breast, sometimes caused by going too long between nursing sessions.  It can appear quickly and shouldn’t be painful, though the lump may be a little […]

Four Milestones You Don’t Want to Miss

Every parent eagerly awaits the big milestones of the first year – first words, first steps, first tooth. But what about the firsts that don’t have their own special page in the baby book? We know no parent will ever post on Facebook “Look who lost their tongue thrust today!” But that and many other […]

Top Tips from Real Moms for Fuss Free Feedings

In the early days, feeding your baby can take some practice.  Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, your baby may be easy to feed one day and confusingly difficult the next.   So what do you do when feeding sessions bring you both to tears?  We asked some of our amazing KP moms for their best […]

Everything You Need to Know for Baby’s First Office Visit

  In the first few days home after baby is born, round the clock feedings, diaper changes and the physical recovery from birth may take up a lot of your brain space.  So that you have a few less things on your mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to everything you’ll need for baby’s […]